An award-winning creative and serial entrepreneur with an unmistakable eye for marketing, branding and strategy. And a successful storyteller, writing riveting narratives that captivate audiences and conquer headlines. 

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Turning creative ideas into successful concepts

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For the past 15 years, Ron's career path has been a crazy ride, full of sharp turns and exciting bumps. He has explored different professions in multiple markets, founded successful companies and worked with industry heavyweights such as Red Bull, Nike, Bacardi, Netflix, Sony, Porsche and Moët & Chandon.

Ron is also co-founder of The Avocado Show, which, within one year, grew into an international franchise and lifestyle brand. He can also be found on stage and online as a popular speaker and host, sharing his knowledge with everyone from young students to billionaire CEO's.

What others say

It is almost unprecedented how Ron always has an answer to everything or knows how to come up with an idea. From campaigns to events, concepts to branding. Like him there is no other. I've experienced this for years at Red Bull within Culture and now also from the musical angle at Sony Music. His sessions are always super valuable and in no time from idea to concept!
Tess van Zwoll
Sony Music Head of Marketing
I really don't know anyone who can switch so quickly between original creativity and scalable commerce. Whether it's inventing business models or marketing campaigns. Ron always knows how to get it right in record time for myself as well as my company and artists. Highly recommended!
Nathan Moszkowicz
Owner of NAMAM Agency
I can't help but say from personal experience that every minute in conversation with Ron is a "win"!
Marc Derby
Owner Vacancy Via
As an entrepreneur you need creative people who dare to be 100% honest with you. A pleasure to regularly spar with you Ron! I notice in myself that after 20 years of entrepreneurship I still get stuck in patterns. You always have a critical and unsubtle opinion, formed by a huge dose of knowledge about the current business models and marketing do's and dont's. Do yourself a favor as an entrepreneur and book a session with Ron 🔥
Robert de Vries
Founder Quality Bookings
People, if you get a chance for a one-on-one with Ron, grab it with both hands. You will leave that session a different person, chock full of new insights, motivation, and inspiration. Highly recommended!
Buffi Duberman
To be honest, I learn something new every time we do a session. Sometimes I wonder where Ron gets all this knowledge and time from. He often manages to turn my stubbornness into an open mind, which I need more often. And always to inspire me and help me a step further. A great advisor, and an even better friend.
Guillaume Chin
Founder of Filling Pieces
After each session I always walk away with new ideas and energy. That's why I call him inspi-Ron.
Ritchie Doove
Partner at Story of AMS
It was great meeting Ron and picking his brain! We really learned a lot! His creative view on our challenges brought us a ton of good ideas! Thanks a lot!
Neel Souza-Hermans
It's always valuable to cross paths with Ron. A shared birthday and passion for brand building will always connect us! I enjoyed each catch up and think anyone out there can also learn and feel inspired by your sessions.
Maurice Ajanuku
Marketing Manager Citizen M
Ron has been (for years) my go-to guy for good, fast and tailored advice on marketing, social media, PR and storytelling strategies. The man listens well, thinks fast, thinks with you, asks critical questions and is to-the-point in his answers. If you ever heard the term: 'makes complex ideas/issues simple, understandable and manageable' then he is the personification of it.
Martijn Been
Head of Marketing & Strategy FLIRT
Ron always manages to 'inspire' me during our exchanges and elevate both me and the conversation.
Gabriel Ercia
Founder GOWTU Agency
Ron helps throw things open. Straight-up and to-the-point. See it as nice cruising on the highway - to an off-road exit with Ron. Something different, new thoughts and ways of thinking. This kind of conversation makes and keeps you sharp. Ron's sense of branding is very strong, with a huge dose of creativity and experience, his advice has been valuable to us. Apart from the knowledge and skills, from entrepreneur to entrepreneur, I respect how he stands in it. Ron is very open and helpful. Who, where, why and who ever you are, he is a busy man, but he makes time for you! Respect.
Sam van der Zanden
Founder Upperbloom
Ron brings something that few others can. A cocktail of a razor-sharp creative mind, an excellent sense of culture and enterprise, and an honest mirror (if you dare). And while I'm at it: a warm heart and a brilliant sense of humor. F*ck it, I'm going to call you now.
Maarten Farmer
Owner of Buutvrij
Whenever I'm stuck - creatively - I somehow always find myself calling Ron. He has the ability to turn every challenge or problem into a creative solution. I always leave his office full of energy and with more ideas than I needed. He has helped YoungCapital with campaigns, festivals, events, podcasts - basically with everything that needs a creative concept.
Hugo the King
Owner of YoungCapital
I grant everyone a creative one-on-one with Ron. Guaranteed success! There are few people who shake one concept after the other out of their sleeves with a totally contagious energy and zest for life. Both strategic and innovative and applicable at every level of the business.
Nienke Dettmeijer
Global Lead, Marketing Strategy Spotify
Ron has the gift to make you look at your own brand in a way that you often can't do alone. By thinking with you, being critical, with humor but always with one goal in mind; to get the best out of yourself and your brand. I would sit down with him again in a heartbeat to take myself another step further than I did the last time. Simple as that.
Susan Aretz
Culinary entrepreneur and author
This is another one of your top ideas, Ron! You have the unique ability to mix creativity with a healthy dose of commercialism. In our conversations you are always sharp, see opportunities and come up with unexpected angles. And - not unimportantly - you think big! To me, you are a born marketing mastermind. Strategic but also practical. With not only a huge network but also a big heart. I can only say: book!
Melanie Bosveld
Owner of Kult & Ace
I've known Ron for quite a long time and in all that time I haven't worked with anyone better at turning concepts into brand experiences. There are really very few people who have a real grasp of brands and building brands. Ron is one of them.
Yorick van Baarsel
Founder New Fork